About EZRewards

EZRewards® is a powerful electronic loyally program that enables you to drive repeat visits, boost sales and stay connected with your customers - all for very little investment in either time or money.

With EZRewards, you have the ability to reward customer loyalty by electronically issuing points to customers each time they make a purchase. These points can then be redeemed for re-loadable gift cards or other rewards of your choosing that ultimately drive more visits to your business.

EZRewards is an affordable, hands-off marketing solution that enables you to stay focused on your business. All you have to do is sign up for the EZRewards® program and enroll your customers. Our EZRewards team will take care of the rest -from front-end set up such as custom card design, terminal setup and POS materials, to backend management that includes maintaining your database and managing customer information.

Increase Sales

Build Customer Loyalty

Capture Valuable Customer Data

Influence Customer Behavior

Low Cost, Turnkey Solution

No Program Management Required

How it Works & Features

How EZRewards Works

The key to launching a successful EZRewards® program is getting your custom-designed card into the hands of your customers. To enroll in the loyalty program, customers are required to fill out a short registration form that captures valuable data including name, email, phone number and birthday. You can enter the information into the EZRewards® database via the internet or simply fax or mail it to the EZRewards team and we will enter it for you.

Customers begin earning valuable points with every purchase as soon as they join your loyalty program. They simply need to present their EZRewards® card or phone number at time of purchase. The information is entered into the terminal by the cashier and a receipt prints out containing the points earned by the loyalty member. Once a day, the information is uploaded in batch to the EZRewards® software system and the patron’s loyalty account is updated.

When customers earn a set number of points, they can redeem them for a custom-branded gift card or other reward that can be used only at your business. Points are issued at the rate of one point per dollar spent. You determine the number of points required to obtain the gift card or other rewards you designate – enabling you to customize the loyalty program to meet your needs.

System Capabilities

The EZRewards® program utilizes a multi-functional point-of-sale terminal and state-of-the-art backend software system that provides businesses with a powerful, turnkey marketing solution.

  • Transaction Information: Captures date, day and time of transaction, purchase amount, cashier ID, business location, etc.
  • Customer Tracking Capabilities: Tracks customer shopping habits and generates reports identifying top customers, new customers, inactive customers, customers visiting multiple locations, etc.
  • Points Issued/Redemption Receipts: Generates two receipts when points are issued or redeemed; one for customer, one for cashier to put in register.
  • Theft Deterrents: Features variable qualifiers that allow businesses to quickly identify suspicious transactions.
  • Marketing:Facilitates target-marketing programs that help businesses drive repeat visits and increase sales.

The system enables you to issue instant rewards to your customers, launch powerful cross sell promotions and employ performance based bonus programs.

Gift Cards

Tap into the $80 billion gift card industry with your own custom-branded gift card.

In addition to enabling your customers to earn gift cards through the loyalty program, EZRewards allows you to sell custom-branded gift cards in any denomination desired – enabling you to maximize revenue through impulse buys and gift purchases.

The EZRewards® gift card program is turnkey and easy to use. The gift cards have no value until time of activation/purchase, and the only cost for the program is a low transaction fee applied when the card is activated or used. And with the EZRewards® gift card program, there are no middle layer processors. You collect the money upfront and can use the funds immediately—enabling you to more effectively manage and control your business.

EZRewards allows you to sell custom-branded gift cards in any denomination desired – enabling you to maximize revenue through impulse buys and gift purchases.

The EZRewards® Advantage

  • Maximize revenue through impulse buys/gift purchases
  • Collect money upfront and use funds immediately
  • No middle layer processors
  • Cards have no value until time of purchase/activation
  • Cards can be issued in any denominated desired

Customer Data

EZRewards® system tracks important customer data for retailers and details the findings in easy-to-understand reports that can be accessed via a pass-code protected Web site or issued by the EZRewards account services team. These reports can be segmented in categories such as "top 50 customers" or "lost customers," providing you with valuable information that enables you to reward top customers and rebuild relationships with customers who have stopped shopping at your business.

The EZRewards® system tracks important customer data for retailers and details the findings in easy-to-understand reports

EZRewards® Reports Available

  • Issued Points Transaction Report
  • Program membership reports
  • Top Loyalty Member Report
  • Inactive Members Report
  • Card Stats Report
  • Summary of Issued Points Report
  • Summary of Redeemed Points Report
  • Cashier Transactions Report

Our philosophy is simple:
Provide retailers with the complete loyalty solution they need to drive repeat traffic, increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Executive Team

The EZRewards, L.L.C. partnership team is composed of a unique mix of marketing, technical, financial and legal professionals who work together to develop and implement cutting-edge, customized solutions for the retail sector.

The partners, who work with a select team of agents to service businesses nationwide, have a combined 80+ years of in-depth experience in telecommunications, technology and loyalty marketing. This expertise enables the EZRewards team to develop turnkey products and services that can be tracked and delivered via Point-Of Sale (POS) terminals.

Product integrity is at the heart of every EZRewards® program launched. To ensure top quality service and seamless delivery, the EZRewards team has aligned with leading technology partners who specialize in areas such as loyalty applications, backed processing, and software development. The EZRewards team also understands the importance of marketing support, and works with its agents to develop comprehensive marketing and training materials that will help ensure success for the retailers they serve.

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